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We have a public page that anyone is welcome to join! The Families on the Spectrum PRIVATE group on Facebook is for individuals on the spectrum, caregivers and parents. To join, visit the group on Facebook and request to join and PLEASE make sure to answer all of the questions as we work to keep the group a safe space for our families. The group was created to give individuals a private place to post questions, discuss concerns, share stories, and talk with others who understand and travel a similar path.

Our public FOTS page has grown and is home to not only parents and caregivers but also friends, teachers, therapists, businesses, sponsors, and many more. Our parents and caregivers expressed a desire for a more private forum to discuss sensitive topics and share personal stories, thus the group was created. Please note that the private group is not intended to serve as a replacement for our main Facebook page. Our main page will continue to share autism information, public events, photos, and much more.

The private group is currently open to individuals on the spectrum, parents or primary caregivers of a child or adult on the autism spectrum that reside within a 50 mile radius of Paducah, KY. If you are neither a parent or primary caregiver of a child or adult with autism but have a large part in the life of a child or adult with autism and wish to be considered, please complete the form and further explain in the comment box below. We encourage you to complete the form as your answers assist us in determining whether additional questions are needed and help us keep the group a safe space for our families. As always, thank you to all of the amazing autism families who include us in their journey.

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