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EMERGENCY CONTACT FORM (McCracken County Residents)

In addition to Project Lifesaver, Families on the Spectrum has also launched a new

program that allows you to flag your loved one within the McCracken County emergency

management system. Flagging an individual/address/vehicle in the Computer-Aided

Dispatch (CAD) system allows law enforcement to not only be aware of the sensitive needs

of your loved on the spectrum but can also include information to help them locate an

individual if missing, take precautionary measures when approaching a vehicle or home,

and to learn more information about an individual that may be beneficial during a time of

crisis. Download the Special Needs Emergency Contact and Identifying Form and return it

to the McCracken County Sheriff's Department or mailed to:McCracken Co. Sheriff's Dept.


ATTN: Det. Sarah Martin

301 South 6th Street

Paducah, KY 42003


Having this form in the CAD system could be a life-saving tool during a crisis. The more

information law enforcement has access to during a time of need, the better they can assist

your loved one and family. 

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